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Great Advice from Emily Henderson
Great Advice from Emily Henderson

Flat Rock Break by Timon Sloane Painting, Oil on Canvas 30.0 inch x 40.0 inch $3,499

The fabulously talented Emily Henderson – host with HGTV, best selling author and stylist with a strong commitment to vintage inspired approachable home style for everyone – had some great advice about art on her Instagram feed this morning and we can’t agree more.

Blue Plumes by Lauren Adams Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 54.0 inch x 80.0 inch $3,280

Castles in the Sky by Lauren Adams Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 54.0 inch x 80.0 inch $3,280

HOT TIP [from Emily Henderson]: This one is CONTROVERSIAL, but important enough to bring up. Stay away from generic prints of famous works. The Mona Lisa and anything Banksy are true masterpieces but they should stay in the museum (or on the side of a building). Find out why you were drawn to it in the first place. Was it the beautiful landscape or age of the portrait? Then find a new original or original vintage piece that speaks to you in the same way. For some of our suggestions and more very important scientifically proven art rules head to the blog.

Family Name by Allison Long Hardy Mixed Media on MDF Panel 16.0 inch x 16.0 inch $675

Lake Tahoe 8 by Melissa McGill Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 20.0 inch x 20.0 inch $675

A warm Zatista thanks to Emily for reinforcing our deeply held beliefs that original artwork is the only way to go! In honor of Emily and her amazing style, we’ve included some of our favorite seascapes and blue and white abstracts for you to enjoy.

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