Why buy original art from Zatista? We'll tell you here

What is the Art Explorer?

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The ART EXPLORER feature is a great way to quickly browse a great deal of original art in a short amount of time while zeroing in on the items you like. You don’t need to know anything about art, simply select items that you like. As you do this you will see them saved in the area to the right of the image viewer. Based on your selections as you choose items you like, we will serve up more images of that particular style, subject, price and so on.

Other helpful tips when using the Explorer:

  • Use the arrows on the left and right to see more art if you don’t see something that catches your eye right away.
  • Use the drop-down menu in the upper right of the image viewer to select specific styles such as Photography, or Paintings. This allows you to view just the type you have selected and eliminates other styles until you re-select them.
  • When you find items you like, wish to buy at another time, or just hold on to reference, move them to your “favorites” to access them later. If you wish to have the Explorer save your selections for another visit, be sure and sign-in so that they are saved.

To check out Art Explorer, click here.