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What is Zatista?

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Zatista is the premier source for original art online.  On Zatista, collectors can easily browse and buy our expertly curated collection from over 500 artists in more than 20 countries.

For collectors and trade professionals Zatista provides an online experience tailored specifically to make finding, discovering, and purchasing original artwork easy, comfortable, and fun. With artists from all over the world, the Zatista collection is sure to have beautiful works of art for all collectors, no matter their  style, interest, or budget. Our curation team is constantly seeking new artwork from the most talented established and emerging artists, so our collection is always fresh. We also facilitate commissioned works and provide the opportunity to work one on one with our (free) expert Art Advisors.

For artists, Zatista provides a simple and intuitive way to build an online presence and reach a global marketplace of buyers and designers.