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How can I understand how an item might look in my house?

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The “See In a Room” tool is a great way to get a sense of the true dimensions and proportions of a specific piece of artwork hanging on a wall. Simply click on the “See In a Room” icon on any artwork detail page to see an image of the piece hanging on a wall.  This gives the work of art an added context that is important when selecting the right piece for your home.

Besides that, our expert Art Advisors can also help give advice on how a piece might look in your home, either by looking at images of the space the artwork will go in (if you wish to share them), or drawing on years of experience in design projects. You can easily connect with an Art Advisor here [link to Art Advisor page].

Finally, for another tip on checking size, try using painters tape to measure out the border dimensions of the work you are interested in, and tape out an outline of the work on your wall.